Dialog Exe Scheduler

Building a modern movie scheduling tool

Unfortunately, much of my work at Dialog Exe is not yet shipped, so I am just showing snippets of what I can show so far here!  I would be happy to answer any questions about what we’ve got cooking up, though!


The core of the business at Dialog Exe is for cinema operators to more easily manage their businesses. Naturally, a large part of this work involves the management of the cinema’s schedule.

The preexisting scheduler was largely out of date and no longer met the needs or expectations of it’s users. For this project, I wanted to modernize the interface and develop a more streamlined system for users to interact with the product.


When designing products for people’s work-lives, I always believe that it is important to emphasise efficiency and practicality above other measures. As such, I wanted this scheduler to be quick scanning, intuitive, and consistent with the rest of the product. 


The first step in accomplishing this was to create a more standard heuristic for how a schedule should look. The existing design was overcrowded and hard to read. Too much information was on each card, and not enough space was being allotted. This led to almost none of the information actually being comprehensible at a glance. My updated designs solved for this issue.


Next, I created a standardised system through which users could interact with the scheduler. This took the form of a sidebar. This sidebar exists throughout my updated designs, as an ever present element used for editing information. Through this heuristic, a user will always know where to find the tools that they are looking for. This consistency is critical when designing for a program which will be used by for work, by a variety of different users on a routine basis.  

Along with the sidebar system, I made use out of a command line, which would further simplify any function. If a user does not know where to find a feature, then they can enter it into the command line and accomplish their goal that way. In the prototype here, we can see how a user can schedule a movie through the sidebar, or through the command line.